25 Questions to Ask Before Relocating

Grid notebook with a checklist and a hand holding pen looking at items

Have you received a nephrology job offer that would require you to relocate? How do you determine if relocating to a new city or state is right for you? 

Deciding to relocate is a personal decision, and accepting a new nephrology position is about more than the job. 

Moving to a new location can be a complete life disruption, however, it can also offer new opportunities and experiences.

How do you decide if relocating is the right move for you? Before making a decision, pull out a pen and paper (or your computer) and make a pros and cons list.

Seeing your thoughts in black and white can help with the decision-making process.

Before deciding to accept a nephrology job in a new community, ask yourself the following:

  1. What makes this new job appealing?
  2. How does the hospital/clinic fit into the community?
  3. Where will I live?
  4. What will my new role entail?  
  5. Are there chances for advancement?
  6. Who will pay for relocation expenses?
  7. What will the work/life balance be like?
  8. What’s the cost of living in the new community? Can I afford to live there?
  9. What’s the housing market like? Is it difficult to find a rental? Will I be buying a home?
  10. What else is there to do in the community?
  11. Can I find a social network in my new community? 
  12. What’s the weather like?
  13. What’s the traffic like? Will I be able to get to work in a matter of minutes? Or will my commute be a long one? 
  14. Is the culture at the hospital/clinic a good fit for me?
  15. Is my spouse or partner on board with moving to a new community? Will they be able to find a job or social network?
  16. Where will my children go to school? What’s the reputation of the school system?
  17. If I’m moving away from extended family, how often will I visit? Will they come to visit? How will holidays be celebrated?
  18. What is there to do in the new community?
  19. Do I have a backup plan?
  20. What is the medical licensing procedure for the state?
  21. Who are my colleagues? What is the work environment like?
  22. How will switching jobs affect my professional relationships?
  23. What kind of benefits are there?
  24. How will my quality of life be impacted?
  25. Am I ready for the unknown?