About Us

Welcome to Nephrology Connect

Nephrology Connect is a physician recruitment self-service solution that matches nephrology job seekers with nephrology practices. Aligning with the various needs and goals of today’s busy practicing nephrologists, Nephrology Connect provides an easy way to match nephrology job seekers with nephrology practices resulting in increased practice capacity, better patient care and business growth.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

As the landscape of nephrology continues to evolve, we continue to support new fellows with the latest tools and resources, ultimately paving the way for successful careers. Discover how best practices and innovative services and products make us a recognized global leader in healthcare, helping patients live their best lives.

What we do

Our team is made up of over 64,000 dedicated employees in North America, all of whom focus on being the difference and delivering the highest-quality care to people with kidney disease – helping them to lead longer, better, and healthier lives.

  • Open doors for nephrologists as they strive to accomplish career goals
  • Arm new nephrologists with resources to build a successful practice/partnership
  • Provide practicing nephrologists with sources to acquire the best new associate
  • Streamline the process in securing optimal job placement